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Store Policies

   Accessibility Policies and Plans   
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H Mart Inc. is anticipating and intended to meet with the requirements of The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) to make all Ontario workplace fully accessible for all people with disabilities by 2025. We are committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence, believing in integration and equal opportunity. We are faithful to gather and comply with the needs of all people with disabilities meeting all the possible requirements under the AODA in a timely manner with respect to goods, services, facilities, accommodation, employment, and buildings.



  1. Assistive devices
    We welcome to all person who use their personal assistive devices to shop in H Mart. Ensuring our staff to be train with assistive devices we carry in the store for persons with disabilities while accessing our goods and services.

  2. Communication
    Our customer service providers will be train to communicate taking into account various types of disabilities and to be available during the entire store hours to serve and assist people with disabilities while accessing our goods and services. 


  3. Service animals and support persons
    People with disabilities and their service animals, partners, and support persons are welcome as they are allowed on most areas of our premise that are open to the public. In case service animals are limited or restricted under some law, our staff will provide additional support as required. Under certain circumstances, upon request, the staff will be available to provide full time assistance free of any charges for people with disabilities while shopping. If and or prior to any changes for services, we will notify through our website and posted notices where visible to the public.


  4. Notice of temporary disruption
    In the event of a disruption of service or facility for people with disabilities, we will notify promptly to all customers by means of clearly posting notice where visible to the public such as entrances and service counter with its contents as follow:
    a)    Reason for the disruption.
    b)    Expected time for service to be resumed.
    c)    Other alternatives if available.


  5. Training
    H Mart Inc. commits that its policy and procedures meets or exceed the duties and responsibilities required under Ontario Regulation 429/07 through the following practices:
        a)    All staff, volunteers and others who deal with the public or other third parties on our behalf, will be provided for training including people involved in the development of policies, plans, practices and procedures related to the provision of goods and services.
        b)   Training provisions shall include:
         • Review purpose of the (AODA) Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.
         • Review requirement of “Accessibility Standards for Customer Service” (Ontario regulation 429/07.)
         • How to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities including those who use assistive devices or the need of service animal or support person.
         • How to use the equipment or devices that is available in the store that H Mart may provide upon request to persons with disabilities while visiting the store.
         • What to do if a person with disability is having difficulty to access our goods and services.
         • Review our policies, practices and procedures related to Customer Service Standard.
        c)    Schedule for training shall be provided as soon as practicable including new hired staff, and on a continuing basis as changes occur to the policies or Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.
        d)    Maintain Records of all training with dates and name of all attended staff members.


  6. Emergencies
    All Staff shall be train and must be familiar with emergency procedures, knowing the best and most appropriate ways to assist customers, visitors or staff that need assistance during an emergency.


  7. Customers feedback process    
    For continuous improvements, any comments or concerns in regards to our services are welcome and appreciated.
    Anyone may contact us by any form of communication provided as follow:
        a)    Mail:  9737 Yonge St. Unit 202, Richmond Hill, ONT. L4C 8S7
        b)    Telephone: 905 883 6200
        c)    Fax: 905 883 6211
        d)    Website:
        e)    Email:
         f)    Suggestion Box: Located near all customers main entrances/exit door way.
        g)    In person: Customer service counter desk.

    Customer can expect for response time if required in a timely manner.   

  8. Notice of availability
    Our policies are available upon request to anyone in an accessible way and posted where feasible.


  9. Modification to policies
    Any policy in our company that does not respect or promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities will be modified or removed.
        •    Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005
        •    Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07
        •    Blind Person’s Rights Act, 1990
        •    Dog Owner’s Liability Act, Ontario
        •    Food Safety and Quality Act, Ontario Regulation 562
        •    Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario
        •    Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990

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